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The Essex Rural Partnership (ERP) brings together key organisations in Essex to consider, debate and act on major issues affecting the rural parts of the county.

Our vision is for 'A county which engages, values and respects its rural environment; and where rural communities fully contribute to and benefit from a healthy, prosperous and connected Essex'.

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  • 13/Oct/2017

    ERP Full Meeting Cancellation

    Apologies due to unavoidable circumstances the next ERP Full meeting to be held on Tuesday 24th October has been postponed.

    An alternative date will be organised to discuss the topic Brexit.

    Do remember to come along on Thursday 16th November for the Essex Police Fighting Rural Crime Day, member arrangements for the morning session will be sent out next week.

    Please download here for the event poster which can be printed and displayed.

    More information at



  • 03/Oct/2017

    Essex Police Rural Crime Strategy

    Find out how Essex Police will tackle crime in rural areas

    Thursday 16th November 1.00 - 4.00pm

    Stow Maries Great War Aerodrome, CM3 6RN



    Essex Police Rural Crime Strategy
  • 29/Aug/2017

    ERP Full Autumn Meeting - Date change

    Member Notice

    The date for the next Full Partnership Meeting has changed to Tuesday 24th October, to be held at the YFC Conference Centre.  Meeting start time 14:00 to finish 17:00.

    Full details will be distributed accordingly.

    NB: ERP Meeting is by invitation only.